How to make money in Blogging(“The secreat of 1000$ & 2000$ per month”)

 My experience in blogging :- 

I have 15+ Websites and i am doing as my primary job from past 8 years i have 5 news website and 5 lyrics website and some others and i can say that i have deep knowledge in blogging the information in this article is from my experience


Blogging is the best way to make money online & it best for students you can earn upto 1000 or 2000$ per month from google Adsense. If you start a blog and you post 1000 articles in 2 or 3 moth you can easily earn 200 to 1000 $ per month or if you want to earn only 100$ you can post 100 to 500 articles and you can promote your website through social media and you can drive traffic to your website and by doing SEO you can also get lots of organic traffic to your website if your website is getting 100 or 200 visitors a day you can earn 100$ in 2 month so it is the best time to start your own blog.


To start a blog you need two things a Domain and Hosting. Domain is the name of your website and hosting is the storage space provider of your website . If you are a beginner i will suggest you to buy The BlueHost web hosting because in BlueHost you will get Free Domain and Free SEO tools And WordPress it self suggest the BlueHost for Hosting and from last 8 years i am also using BlueHost and believe me it has great user experience. If you want to buy the hosting go through our link and you will get 45%off click the link below


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